Frequently Asked Questions

What time are worship services?

Currently, our traditional worship service is at 9:30 am and our modern gathering is at 11:15 am. We have coffee and snacks available between services so that people have an opportunity to talk with one another if they would like.

What are the worship services like?

We offer communion at both Sunday services every Sunday. Prayer stations are offered at both services during communion as well. We also offer a dynamic, relevant message based on scripture at each Sunday service. Both services include versions of the Lord’s Prayer. Children are welcome in both services and nursery is offered for those 4 and under for each Sunday service. We have a screen and a monitor at the front of the sanctuary so the service can be followed with ease.
Our traditional service is just that, a traditional service. It has familiar liturgy and prayers. It usually has two traditional hymns and a modern song. The organ and piano are almost always used with guitar and drums for the modern song on occasion. We do offer bulletins and hymnals for those who prefer not to use the screen in the traditional service.
Our modern gathering is far less formal and all of the music is modern in nature. There is an opportunity to reflect on the presence of God in your life. The service is generally 20 minutes shorter than the traditional service as a result of being less formal.

Can anyone attend?

Yes. We welcome all people. It’s not just a cliche. We mean it. We all have our stuff. We all look, act, dress and even believe differently. Jesus loved and welcomed all. We do too!

Who can take communion?

The official policy of our Lutheran bodies is that anyone who is a baptized believer in Jesus can partake in communion. It is not our desire to be the communion police. We welcome all people that desire to partake in communion to do so regardless of your current or past religious affiliation.

Is the church handicap accessible?

Yes, the church is handicap accessible. There are two handicap parking spots on 9th street. The 9th street entrance has a chair lift that goes from the basement to the street level and to the main level. For those not able to transfer from a wheelchair to the chair lift, simply let one of our greeters and ushers know and we have an elevator-like lift on VanBuren street that goes from street level to both the basement and the main level (where worship is held).

What is the parking situation?

We have two parking lots on the church property, one on 10th Street and one parallel to 9th Street. There is also a lot of street parking. On Sunday mornings, we also have use of a gravel lot behind Brown & Brown Insurance on 10th Street, the Flagstar Bank parking lot on 9th Street and the Butchel House parking lot on 8th street. There are two handicap spots on 9th Street by the front entry, and there are two visitor spots by the back entry on 10th Street.

What is the dress code?

Short answer: Come as you are.

Long answer: There is no official or unofficial dress code. In the traditional service you will see people in jeans, shorts, t-shirts, dress shirts & pants and even some with suits, ties or bow ties. No one will really notice what you are wearing as we are all here just as we are to worship. Some people dress up a little for special days like Easter, but again that is not expected. You can expect the pastor to be in jeans most of the time, especially for modern gathering.

Is the Lutheran Church just like Catholics only a little different?

Not at all. While some of the aspects of our traditional service may feel or be similar to the practices of the Catholic Church, we are entirely different in our beliefs and practice. In fact, we can be quite different from other Lutheran Churches. Here, our focus is on Jesus and seeing peoples lives changed by Jesus.

What kind of Lutherans are you?

Fun ones! (well, most of us anyway). We are a part of two different Lutheran bodies, the LCMC (Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ) and the NALC (North American Lutheran Church). While Lutheran is in our name and shapes our thinking and worship services, our focus is on Jesus, not Lutheranism.

What am I expected to give?

Nothing. We have no expectations of visitors and giving. Anyone is always welcome to give as they feel led, but we never require giving and would not expect it of visitors. We do encourage members to give on a regular basis as able.

Do you have to do a lot of standing and kneeling?

During various parts of our service we do invite those present to stand. That said, we never require people to stand if they are not able or comfortable in doing so. During our time of prayer of confession in the traditional service, some individuals do kneel, while most sit and some even stand. Each individual is welcome to do whatever is best for them.

How long are the services?

The traditional service lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour and ten minutes depending on special items and the number of people taking communion.
The modern service lasts between 45 and 50 minutes depending on special items and the number of people taking communion.

What about my children?

We love children. We also know that when it comes to the faith of children, parents know what is best. Our job is to be here to support parents and to help them in raising their children in the Christian faith. All children are welcome in our worship services. For families who would prefer not to have their children in worship, nursery is offered at each Sunday service for children birth through age 4. Sunday school is offered for all children age 3 and up during part of our traditional service (during the sermon & prayers) after the children’s time.

How do I learn more?

You can learn more by contacting the church office or one of the staff members. Each staff member is listed on our website with a link to their email.

How do I become a member?

Membership is not a requirement or an expectation. That said, those who desire to make St. Mark’s their home in an official way can become members. To become a member, there are three steps: first, contact the church office and express interest in becoming a member. Second, attend one of our About St. Mark’s Classes to learn about St. Mark’s. Third, those who have done both of these things will be installed as members of the church in a worship service to be determined in conjunction with the Senior Pastor. It’s very simple!

What about your preschool?

St. Mark’s Early Learners Montessori Preschool is the preschool of St. Mark’s. To learn more about the preschool, visit their website or contact the Director, Linda Vandemark here.