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5pm Gathering Sermon Page

Welcome to our sermon page for 5pm Gathering, our Modern Worship Experience. We hope that our messages help you connect with God and engage with the scriptures. We have two sections of sermon recordings. The first is for our Sunday Morning Traditional Worship Gathering as well as Wednesday evening worship during Advent and Lent as well as other special services. These sermons are available in both audio and video. The second section is for our 5pm Gathering, our Modern Worship Experience. The 5pm sermons are audio only.

Below you will find links to the audio or our sermons from our 5pm Gathering. You can also subscribe to our iTunes podcast or view it here. To listen to the sermons from our Traditional Worship Experience, Wednesday Night and Special Services, click here.



  • 10/22/17
  • 10/15/17
  • 10/8/17


Faith in Action

  • 9/17/17 (N/A-no service)

Mark VanderTuig Visit

John (A look into the Gospel of John)

No Series